Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Mindfulness takes meditation ... and applies it to one’s whole life.

All very good, but how does one meditate every moment of each day?
Now, when I use the word meditation I am not referring to those types of meditation where one goes into an almost trance-like state as a result of highly focused attention on some object, sound or whatever. I am referring to simply the presence of a choiceless awareness of, and bare yet curious attention to, whatever presents itself before you as your reality ... from moment to moment.
The essence of Mindfulness is to be always in the present moment. So, how does one actually go about living mindfully on a continuous moment-to-moment basis?
Well, a good starting point is to breathe consciously slowly and deeply as you go about your daily life.
Next, observe everything inside and outside of you. Feel the “life” all around you. Be fully present ... here and now ... in the present moment.
Here is a must. In order to know what is real you need to disidentify with your so-called “ego-self” as well as the various “me’s” within your mind ... indeed, all your “mental noise”, chatter and “movies”. Those things are not the person which, in truth, you are.
Here are some other tips ...
Watch, almost with disinterest, whatever happens, as if it were happening to someone else. Let there be no comment, judgment or attempt to change anything.
Note the presence of any unhealthy, painful thoughts or emotions. Don’t suppress or deny them. Step back with dissociation from the “activating event”. “See” and feel the emotion instead.
Practise willingness … and acceptance.
Finally, observe, and be constantly aware .. only to understand ... for awareness is insight.  

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