Monday, April 4, 2011


Oasis Counselling Centre will establish a mindfulness clinic in Dublin, Ireland in Spring 2011 to provide mindfulness courses free of charge. It’s being funded by the State suicide prevention program.
Those with the facts know that mindfulness-based approaches are one of the most cost-effective interventions in the field of mental health, are evidence-based and support many different populations including clients in recovery from depression, addiction, and stress related issues. The UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has recently endorsed mindfulness-based cognitive therapy as an effective treatment for prevention of relapse. 
Several randomised controlled trials suggest that mindfulness-based approaches are helpful in preventing depressive relapse and recurrence, and NICE has recommended these interventions for use in the UK National Health Service.
There are also good grounds to suggest that mindfulness-based approaches are also helpful with anxiety disorders and a range of chronic physical health problems, and there is much clinical and research interest in applying mindfulness approaches to other populations and problems such as people with personality disorders, substance abuse, and eating disorders. Many of my blogs have canvassed the use of mindfulness to treat all of those conditions.
The Dublin clinic will be the first mindfulness clinic in Ireland and the service will be provided free to clients, participants and the voluntary sector. This project is funded through Pobal with the support of the National Office for Suicide Prevention, the Department of Community, Equality and Family Affairs and the Department of Health and Children.
Oasis Counselling will provide the following 8-week trainings:
Luck o’ the Irish.

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