Wednesday, July 20, 2011


There’s an old joke, ‘Women might be able to fake orgasms but men can fake whole relationships.’

Be that as it may, mindfulness meditation can assist in bringing women to orgasm according to Nicole Daedone (pictured right).

Daedone is an ardent San Francisco feminist and author of Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm. She claims that ‘in just 15 minutes, a woman can become orgasmic.’

So-called ‘slow sex’ uses meditation techniques like mindfulness and focusing on sensitivity and pleasure. It is not the same thing as Tantric sex with its promise of 'full body orgasm' ... whatever that is.

Like mindful yoga, position and awareness are extremely important ... although 'slow sex' appears to involve a couple of extra 'things' as well.

In the book Daedone offers detailed drawings and variations to accommodate same-sex partners. Good stuff.

She says she  learned about 'orgasmic meditation' after meeting a man at a California Zen centre who offered to demonstrate 'slow sex'. (For more on so-called 'Zen sex' see this book on the subject.)

After reading about Daedone's experience, I may have to revise my entire view on Zen ... or maybe I just haven't been to the 'right' Zen centres.

Anyway, orgasmic meditation or ‘Oming’ is a term coined by Daedone to signify a special type of sensory awareness. More specifically, it is a mindfulness practice in which the object of meditation is ... finger to genital contact.

I will stop there lest you or I get too excited.

For more information see this ABC News/Health article ... as well as this YouTube video ... and have fun!

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