Tuesday, October 28, 2014


A new study published in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine from Brown University researchers shows that dispositional mindfulness promotes better heart health.
The researchers looked at whether having ‘dispositional mindfulness’—which means you’re the type of person who’s very aware of, and attentive to, what you’re feeling and thinking at any given moment—was a factor for a healthy heart. They found a significant correlation between the two: namely, people with high dispositional mindfulness scores had an 83 per cent greater prevalence of good cardiovascular health.
Now, some people are ‘naturally’ dispositionally mindful. The rest of us are not, and have to learn how to be dispositionally mindful.
For more information about the Brown University study, here is a link to a recent article in Time magazine. The reference to the study and report is immediately below.
Resource: Loucks EB, Britton WB, Howe CJ, Eaton CB, and Buka SL. ‘Positive Associations of Dispositional Mindfulness with Cardiovascular Health: the New England Family Study.’ International Journal of Behavioral Medicine. October 2014. Date: 23 Oct 2014.



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