Friday, March 25, 2016


What is life, other than a perpetual resurrection?

Easter is about endings and beginnings. It is about love overcoming hate, hope prevailing over despair, and life triumphing over death. Easter celebrates the fact that the spirit of life is indestructible. As I have said more than once before, we are forever part of life’s self-expression, that is, livingness, so we can never cease to be. Yes, we will change form and vanish from view, but we---that is, the spirit of life in us, as us---can never cease to be. We cannot be separated from life. We cannot be less than life.

The end of every day is a ‘death’ of sorts. It is gone forever. Now, that is a very good thing, for if it were not to happen there could be no tomorrow. Every new day is a rising of sorts. But it’s even deeper than that. Every new moment is a new beginning---a resurrection of life. We must constantly ‘die’ and ‘rise again’ into newness of life.  Most importantly, we must die to self each moment of the day if we wish to be free from the bondage of self.

Here are some wonderful words from Dr Harry Gaze, minister, lecturer and world traveller, who was a pioneer in the field of applied psychology ('constructive psychology', in his words):

True living is a perpetual resurrection, a constant awakening and arising to the increased livingness of today. Every day is Easter to the one who is initiated into the teachings of the new life. The more that we include within the area of our attention, of the good, the true and the beautiful, the more we extend our consciousness. This extension of consciousness is a richer, fuller livingness.

Happy Easter!

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