Sunday, October 3, 2010


What I like:

* Integrity, honesty, compassion and loving-kindness

* Spiritually-minded people who believe in open, free and tolerant religion, with reason, and devoid of superstition

* People who are committed to showing reverence for the Spirit of Life present in all creation

* People who are working towards a regeneration in our world that will allow the Earth to heal and to sustain life for all.

What I dislike:

* Lack of integrity and dishonesty, and people who are overly secretive and duplicitous

* People who are quickly destroying the planet, especially those in the big end of town who believe in unregulated free market capitalism, growth economics and the billable hour, and those who are climate change skeptics

* People who go to church solely or primarily for social purposes or to network for business purposes as opposed to worship of the Divine

* Fundamentalists of all kinds (whether Christian, Islamic or militant atheist)

* Political party hacks and corrupt politicians

* Social climbers, hedonists and those whose religion is consumerism.

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